10 The gluex_install System

The gluex_install system uses build_scripts to create a complete install of GlueX software from scratch. This is especially useful for new machines.

No interaction from the user should be required to get a successful build. The only assumption made is that the basic packages that come in a minimal install are present. The definition of minimal depends on the installation. In all cases, the distribution was tested by first installing from a DVD or CD ISO image. Typically, the “live DVD” version was chosen since that installs the smallest number of packages.

The scripts have been tested on the following distributions listed in Table [*].

Table: Gluex_install tested distributions.

$\displaystyle \begin{tabular}{\vert l\vert l\vert}
\bf Distribution & \b...
...n \\
openSUSE & RedHat \\
RedHat Enterprise & RedHat \\

10.1 Installation Steps

Root access is required for steps (1) and (3).

  1. System Update. It is recommended that you update your system to the latest versions of of all system supplied software. For RedHat-like distributions you do a “yum update”. For Debian-like systems you do a “apt-get update”.

  2. Get the Scripts. A zip file and a tar file with the scripts described here are available at You can also do a git clone of the latest version:

  3. Prerequisites: gluex_prereq_$<$distribution$>$.sh. The prerequisites script installs packages from the distribution repository necessary for the GlueX build. As such, it must be executed by root. In addition it makes some symbolic links in system directories that are necessary for the cernlib build. These scripts are specific to particular distributions. You must run this script from inside the “gluex_install” directory created when you get the scripts (see Get the Scripts, step 2).

  4. Install: Creates a directory, “gluex_top”, in the current working directory to house the build, sets up an environment, downloads all source files, and builds all libraries and executables needed to run GlueX software. The install assumes a directory structure that accommodates multiple versions of the GlueX packages if they are needed later. The script is distribution independent.

    Note that if parallel builds are desired (for the packages that support them) set the NTHREADS environment to the number parallel processes desired. Since invokes Makefile_all, the value will be used. See Section [*].

10.2 Using the Build

After the build is complete, to set up the environment to use it, follow the steps in Section [*] that are designated for gluex_install builds.