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The Solid Target

The solid target is primarily meant for commissioning purpose. It consists of a support cart, an outer Al tube and an inner plastic nylon tube open to air and terminated by a removable cap of 3.19 cm internal diameter. The cap can be either:

  • 10mm disk of CH2 (HDPE, high density polyethylene)
  • 2mm disk CH2 (HDPE)
  • CH2 (HDPE) cup of 2mm thickness for the 2cm-inner diameter and 7mm for the outer ring.
  • 3.4mm C12 graphite disk
  • Al. cross made of 1.59 mm diameter wires
  • 1cm long Al. cylinder with an equilateral triangle hole inside. The triangle edge lengths are 2.5 cm

The position of the cap with respect to the nominal center can be moved 12 cm downstream or 32 cm upstream.

Routine Operation

There is no remote control for the target. Changing configuration (i.e. changing cap type or cap position) requires an access and a manual change and will be performed by experts.

Instructions to install/change the solid target

Table with target history

Expert personnel

The individuals responsible for checking that the solid target is ready to take data and setting its operating parameters are shown in following table. Additional experts may be trained by the system owner and their name and date added to this table.

Table: Expert personnel for the Cryogenic Target
Name Extension Date of qualification
Alexandre Deur (1st contact) Office: 757-269-7526 / Cell: 757-871-5931 June 12, 2014
Mark Ito (2nd contact) Office: 757-269-5295 / Cell 757-504-0664 June 12, 2014