Collect Beam Data for Detector Checkout

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Tune Photon Beam

One Week Pause in Running

Collect Beam Data for Detector Checkout

  • Goal: Collect 5 days of beam data.
  • Schedule: Oct 19-23 (starting at the end of the previous step, duration 5 days)
  • Responsibility: Hall D
  • Priority: High
  • Prerequisites:
  1. Tagger Hall equipment installed and tested
  2. Solenoid current 1200 A
  3. Collimator in the "plug" position
  4. Target 10 mm HDPE plastic at nominal position
  5. Hall D detectors are ON
  6. Tagger Hall detectors are OFF
  • Activities
  1. Re-establish 50 µA CW electron beam (Accelerator)
  2. Re-establish photon beam using 1.7·10-5 radiator
  3. Check the Tagger radiation levels. Turn the Tagger Hall detectors ON. Verify the tagger rates. Check the rates/levels with no radiator, 1.7 and 11·10-5 radiators.
  4. Move the collimator to the nominal position (5 mm hole) with the beam off, turn the beam on and adjust the beam position using the Active Collimator signals
  5. Perform PS wire scan
  6. Verify the trigger rate. Select the beam current (50-100 nA) and the radiator thickness (1.7-11·10-5) in order to optimize it
  7. Take data with the regular trigger for five days

Optimize Detector Settings

Drift Chamber Alignment

Collect More Regular Data