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0000162Hall D OnlineNetworkingpublic2011-11-04 09:252012-01-27 10:34
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Summary0000162: Arrange for interim networking and telecom in hall, counting house and trailer
DescriptionDesign networking system. Order large and small switches, arrange for interim telecom and wireless.
Additional InformationHall D will pay for networking equipment, CC (Bryan et al.) will install and manage it. Analog phones are $35, Ethernet phones are $230. All phones will connect to Telecom room switch, all computers to Rack Room switch in final system, to Telecom room switch for interim networking. Bryan has an analog phone gateway in Telecom room, not sure if we need one in the hall.
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wolin (administrator)
2011-11-04 09:29

Much work already done on this. Switches are being ordered. Bryan will install fiber trunk between Telecom and Rack rooms. We will install main fiber trunk to platform in hall in about a year, when the platform and cable trays are ready. For interim we'll just install temporary copper cables. Bryan has wireless equipment. Connection to Tagger hall will be via spare "dark fiber" running between Tagger Service building and Counting house.
wolin (administrator)
2011-11-15 11:24

Switches on order, installation planend for Jan 2012, interim wiring and wireless will be used until main cable trunk pulled to platform next summer. Networking available now to switch in Telecom room.
wolin (administrator)
2011-11-29 11:52

Bryan suggests using a small number of subnets in the hall. Perhaps one for high-speed DAQ, another for controls and slow stuff, and use the JLab Desktop subnet in the counting house office area.
wolin (administrator)
2011-12-07 11:43

Bryan says most if not all of our Cisco equipment has arrived. We now have lots of switches!
wolin (administrator)
2011-12-20 13:22

Hovanes and I met with Bryan and Brent. To start we will have three networks in the hall for fast daq, controls and general. Also some computers in the cubicles in the office area will be on the Desktop network.

They will install our big switch in a rack in the rack room just as soon as we get beneficial occupancy. They will install a wireless access point in the hall soon after. We will pull temporary cables to various places in the hall as needed.
wolin (administrator)
2012-01-19 11:37

All five Counting House office area telecom jacks now connected to Telecom room. Tom will install four computers and a printer. Two phones working in office area, will eventually install more phones.

Bryan will get going on running fiber between the Telecom and Rack rooms. UPS should be installed by early Feb, Rack room switch soon after.

Tom will run cable from Telecom room to bottom of truck ramp soon. Brent will install small switch there, Tom will run cable to top of truck ramp, then Brent will install a wireless transceiver aimed at the trailer. Tom will then pray he gets decent reception in trailer, Brent promises nothing!
wolin (administrator)
2012-01-27 10:02

Cables run, wireless in the hall and trailer now working, reception in the trailer not the greatest. Tom is moving the AP outside the building in hopes of improving the situation. Still need to connect the computer running the camera to the new switch.
wolin (administrator)
2012-01-27 10:07

Interim telecom and networking in hall, counting house and trailer now working. Two phones installed in counting house, wireless working in all three locations, printer working in counting house. Will install more computers and phones as needed. Will shift to final networking system within a few months, after components installed.

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