Controls Meeting 15-May-2014

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Present: Dave, Mike, Nerses, Vanik, Orlando, Beni, Elton

Gas System

  • Dave showed details of the gas system controls for CDC and FDC.
  • Mike presented his EPICS GUIs for gas system control.

TOF voltages

  • Vanik and Nerses are working on TOF voltage controls.
  • Vanik showed preliminary control screens for TOF voltages.

Action items

  • Dave needs to implement alarms on the supply pressure.
  • Mike will implement some parameters that Dave can use to adjust the cycling of the pressure measurements.
  • Mike will find a way to turn the gas off without changing the set-point (check if Brooks controllers allow the valve to be shut off).
  • Beni wants to have a bottle at the T to run gas into CDC, Dave will set it up.
  • Nerses and Vanik will finish the TOF voltages and start tagger hodoscope voltage controls.