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You will have to have a GitHub account to contribute to our simulation and reconstruction code using the normal channels. Note that to access the code and use it, an account is not necessary; the account is only necessary for write access. Our repositories (e. g., sim-recon) are world-readable.

How to Join the GlueX Team on GitHub

  1. To get an account go to and "sign up". It is a typical web account creation activity. At this stage you are creating a personal account. The account you are creating has no affiliation with GlueX, Hall D, JLab, etc. As such, any email address is fine. The "Free" plan is fine as well. And obviously, if you already have GitHub account you can skip this step.
  2. After that you will have to join the "gluex" team under the "jeffersonlab" organization. To do that send send an email with your GitHub username to one of the Team Maintainers (listed below). Ask to "join the gluex team on GitHub." The maintainer will send you an email invitation through the GitHub site. Once you accept the invitation, you will able to "push" changes to our repositories on GitHub.

One point of information: the "jeffersonlab" organization is part of a formal contract between GitHub and JLab. Private repositories created under the organization are subject to charges to the Lab.

More Information

This page is not really maintained but due to the title is a natural starting place on the wiki. More information about using GitHub can be found at the GlueX Offline FAQ.

Team Maintainers

  • Sean Dobbs
  • Mark Ito
  • David Lawrence
  • Justin Stevens