GlueX Publication Policies

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GlueX Publication Policies

  • Guidelines for publications on instrumentation or methods
    1. The intention of these guidelines is to keep the collaboration informed of publications related to GlueX activities, to allow collaborators to request authorship on publications to which they feel they have made sufficient contributions, and to allow the review of any associated data before it is released. They apply only to publications not included in the publication policy in the GlueX bylaws.
    2. A GlueX instrumentation or methods paper is any paper which is related to activities of the GlueX experiment, including
      1. describing instrumentation or methods used during the acquisition of GlueX data or to check its quality,
      2. describing methods for analyzing GlueX data,
      3. unpublished data or metadata which was obtained in preparation for or during GlueX beam time used for technical studies.
    3. Instrumentation papers should be placed on docdb with password protection, then linked to from the draft section of this page. Any data that is proposed for release alongside the paper should be included as a supplement or clearly described. The Physics Analysis Coordinator must approve the release of the proposed data.
    4. A notice should to be sent to the collaboration membership inviting people who felt they contributed to the paper to add their name. The notice should also ask people for comments on the paper. A time period of at least two weeks should be provided.
    5. After the first round of comments, a second draft should be posted and the authors of the paper should be given one week to agree to the changes.
    6. All instrumentation papers must include an acknowledgement that Jefferson Science Associates, LLC operated Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility for the United States Department of Energy under U.S. DOE Contract No. DE-AC05-06OR23177.
    7. For instructions regarding JLab papers, see JLab Publications

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