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  • Proceedings of the HYP 2018 Conference, Reinhard Schumacher and Hao Li (for the GlueX Collaboration), Observation of gamma p --> Lambda anti-Lambda p with GlueX at Jefferson Lab , arXiv:1810.04688, (2018).
  • Proceedings of the PANIC 2017 Conference, The GlueX Collaboration, A. Austregesilo et al., Light-Meson Spectroscopy at GlueX , arXiv:1801.05332, (2018).
  • Proceedings of the Hadron 2017 Conference, The GlueX Collaboration, S. Dobbs et al., Searching for Hybrid Mesons with GlueX, arXiv:1712.07214, (2017).
  • Proceedings of the Hadron 2015 Conference, The GlueX Collaboration, H. Al Ghoul et al., First Results from the GlueX Experiment, AIP Conf. Proc. 1735, 020001 (2016), DOI:10.1063/1.4949359, arXiv:1512.03699, (2015).

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