GlueX Software Meeting, December 19, 2022

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GlueX Software Meeting
Monday, December 19, 2022
11:00 am EST

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  1. Announcements
    • New release: version_5.9.0.xml with new versions of amptools, gluex_root_analysis, halld_recon, halld_sim and hd_utilities
    • New recon-compatible version sets
    • NERSC 2023 Allocation: 85kh awarded, one third of request but significant speed up on Perlmutter
  2. Report from December SciOps/ENP meeting (slides)
    • MFA for scientific computing (similar to hallgw) will start in March 23
    • December 20 maintenance day: default memory request for gpu partitions reduced to 512MB
    • farm13 retired, farm23 will be introduced soon
    • Memory efficiency for farm jobs
  3. Action Item Review (all)
    • Collect information about container use cases, provide examples, promote usage (Peter): [1][2]
    • Patch old halld_recon versions for RHEL8 (low priority)
  4. BMS_OSNAME update (Mark)
  5. Status of software upgrade projects:
    • JANA2 (Nathan)
    • RHEL8:
      • danarest issue #635 was caused by inconsistent hddm file
      • Dselector issue #156 unsolved
  6. Review of recent issues and pull requests:
    1. halld_recon: Issues, PRs
    2. halld_sim: Issues, PRs
    3. hdgeant4: Issues, PRs
    4. MCwrapper: Issues, PRs
    5. gluex_root_analysis: Issues, PRs
  7. Review of recent discussion on the GlueX Software Help List (all)


Participants: A. Austregesilo, P. Hurck, M. Ito, S. Dobbs, N. Brei, I. Jaegle, B. Zihlmann, E. Chudakov

Discussion Points:

  • Peter introduced two ways to run gluex software in a container: gxrun and gxshell. He will write documentation and let the WG test it out soon.
  • Proposal: Establish Centos7.9 container for collaboration-wide usage. Could be presented to the collaboration in Feb collaboration meeting. Include gxrun and gxshell and make this recommended usage.
  • Mark updated build_scripts to be able to compile on Rocky8, so far only done in container. Version of build_scripts on the group disk updated after the meeting. The timeline for the upgrade of the farm to Rocky8 is uncertain, but the decision to do so is firm because the support of Centos7 ceases in about one year.
  • Upgrade to newer compiler: necessary for geant4, can be done in Centos7.9 or together with upgrade to RHEL8/Rocky8
  • revisit upgrade from python2 to python3
  • Nathan: EIC community is using a recent version of debian to support C++17 features and machine learning tools
  • Proposal: Upgrade to JANA2 during long shutdown after March 23
  • Proposal: Introduce containers in the counting room for monitoring during long shutdown
  • Useful documentation for ssh login and MFA: knowledge base

Action Items

  • Provide Centos7.9 container with gxrun/gxshell (Peter)
  • Discuss strategy for upgrade of online machines with computing center, possibly install singularity (Alex)
  • Investigate DSelector problem on RHEL8/Rocky8 (all)
  • Investigate low memory efficiency for halld-osg jobs: 8core/8GB (Peter/Thomas)

Sean's projects:

  • Clean up HLDetectorTiming
  • Deprecate HistogramTools.h
  • Separate out halld_amp from halld_sim and support pure analysis builds in build_scripts