May 10, 2023, FCAL Insert Installation Meeting

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Meeting Time and Place =

Wednesday May 10, 2023 9am At Jefferson Lab, Hall D Counting House and on Zoom meeting ID: 161 944 9114 Passcode: 562689



  • Reviewed minutes from previous meeting
    • Malte - shift plan not needed as folks wishing to help can come and inspect almost anytime as there are modules on the table
    • Using 50 um alum mylar tape is fine. Should use narrower tape for cuts at strap - need to measure thickness to verify
    • Unstacking about 60% complete, only 4 shims thus far as expected at center SS tube
    • Malte will separate modules (36) for stack test - Scot to get Radcon to release - tech crew will set up and test fixture
    • Sasha stated that Hakov will come in June to help with stacking
    • LMS -
      • Sasha received some fiber
      • There is about 12" x 12" x 12" available under FCAL frame at center to accommodate sphere
      • fibers need 2 cm bend radius
      • Sasha/Arshak will supply sketch to see if it will fit at center - otherwise it mus be moved off center
  • Malte showed the brown modules near center rows - about 1/3 to 1/2 of the module length is affected (2-3 layers around center)
  • Malte and Mark are performing refurb on some modules
  • Tech crew doing most of the unstacking and inspection this week
  • Others may get involved with inspection
  • after meeting we discussed cable labeler and Eugene approved the purchase ($3.5K)