May 03, 2023, FCAL Insert Installation Meeting

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Meeting Time and Place

Wednesday May 03, 2023 9am At Jefferson Lab, Hall D Counting House and on Zoom meeting ID: 161 944 9114 Passcode: 562689



  • Reviewed minutes from last week
    • Malte made a shift plan and will distribute on Google docs
    • There is a need for 50 micron aluminized mylar for big holes - Scot will order
    • Some of the modules show cuts in the mylar from SS straps - does not seem to be increasing as we get lower in the stack
    • Eugene requesting a "forked" tool to help keep tape straight
    • No shims have been observed in upper half yet - we need to document shims in the lower half as we unstack
    • Planning stacking test in ESB once the G10 plates are modified - approx 2 weeks
    • Sasha working with Stephanie and Arshak to determine LMS fiber lengths
      • Sasha to sketch box to see where it will fit under platform
      • There is a question about temperature stabilization in the box - is it needed?
  • We appear to be about 2 weeks ahead of schedule with unstacking going quicker than expected
  • Sasha is in charge of stacking and will make a plan
  • Malte expressed that we have enough shelving and crates for all glass modules -
    • may need to stack 3 rows on some shelves
    • Keith and Scot to look at was to make lower shelves more accessible
  • Sasha mentioned that at some point we would like to remove some of the 400 unused cables for re-use