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April 1, 2010 FDC meeting

Tentative Agenda

  1. Electronics
    • finalizing PCB design (Fernando, Kim) Board


    • follow up on the threshold investigations

([https://halldweb.jlab.org/doc-private/DocDB/ShowDocument?docid=1470 GlueX-doc-1470])(Fernando)

  1. Cathode frame
    • cathode redesign (Bill, Roger)
  2. Wire winding update
    • info about the Monday meeting discussing the IUCF phase 3 contract (Beni)
    • possibilities for wire stringing at JLab

[http://www.jlab.org/Hall-D/detector/fdc/WireStringing/WireStringingAtJLab.pdf preliminary estimate] (Lubomir)

  1. Full scale prototype tests (Beni)
    • wire/cathode cleaning and HV test results
    • future plans
  2. Other
    • off-site production space update


Participants: Eugene, Bill, Glenn, Casey, Simon, Fernando, Kim, Roger, Beni

cathode frame

Pictures are prepared by Bill but not yet sent out. Redesign daughter boards, to fit dimensions. Expansion of cathode film due to stretching is not compensated for in the current design. Nothing is currently planed to accommodate for this effect. Main worry of Eugene is the soldering of the flex boards to the film. Need one good trained person to do this job. 1.3cm hole in the middle of the cathode boards is fixed. On the sides where the strips are split in two make cut strait while the strips ending at the border of the 1.3cm Radius hole should be kept round. Design finished in two weeks.

wire frames

check Fernando's list. fiducials for wire positioning will be white ink and behind the solder pads. no holes on the periphery but other means to apply fixtures for cables. more R53 further to the right to allow the gas lines more space. humiceal on the wire frames inside the gas volume might be problematic in the long run of operating the chambers. There is some concern that chemical reactions might over a long time period with the humiceal might render the chamber inoperable.

preamplifier card

variation in threshold is largest within a given chip. So no special chip selection is needed or different threshold lines for different chips on the same preamplifier board. MIP signals are well above the noise. see GlueX-Doc-1470

Room for construction

there will be a meeting on Friday to discuss this further and also account for the necessary space needed if the wire frames would be strung there at Jlab rather than at IUCF.

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