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August 20, 2015 Drift Chamber meeting


  1. Instructions for Bluejeans meeting connection
  2. Meeting ID: 290664653
  3. To join via a Web Browser, go to the page [1] https://bluejeans.com/290664653.


  1. Detector performance document GlueX-doc-2775,


  1. CDC update (Mike, Simon, Beni)
  2. FDC update (Luke,Lubomir)
  3. Electronics (Fernando, Chris, Nick)
  4. Engineering
  5. Other


Participants: Curtis, Mike (CMU), Fernando, Eugene, Luke, Beni, Dave, Nick, Simon, and Lubomir (JLab).

Detector performance document

- Lubomir updated the document on the portal with one-and-a-half page about the FDC. Some discussions about the resolution plots there: cathode resolutions in x and y-direction are very different. Tracking only doesn't explain this contradiction, since the wire resolution (along x) that also uses tracking reaches 150 microns, to be compared with the cathode y-resolution of about 200 microns.

CDC update

- Nick made ground interconnections between all the boards in one sector. There was no change in the noise (Beni). Nick will remove the cables next week which will conclude this test.

- Simon and Mike continue to study the tube deformations along z.

- Cosmic data will be taken over the weekend.


- Eugene reminded about the deadlines for the end of the FY15. The PR for the 100 spare pre-amps is out.

FDC update

- Alignment offsets for the spring run different by up to 300 microns from the ones in the fall. Most likely this is due to the bias in the fall trigger.

- Using 55Fe source on the 4.5mm-thick cell results in very broad (in time) argon peak. The max drift time for the 40/60 gas is huge, ~20 microseconds which, at least partially, may explain this effect to be related to the longitudinal diffusion. Conclusion: need faster gas for the TRD test this fall, most likely 90/10 Ar/CO2.