November 02, 2022 FCAL Insert Installation Meeting

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Meeting Time and Place

Wednesday November 02, 2022 10am At Jefferson Lab, Hall D Counting House and on Teams


  • Minutes from last meeting,_2022_FCAL_Insert_Installation_Meeting
  • Discuss Lead Glass and crystal module removal/install [1] - Sasha
  • Manpower and task division [2] - Sasha
  • Initial testing of modules before removal - Mark D.
  • Revisited removal of darkroom -
    • All cables need to be removed from darkroom to be able to install new detector
    • Maybe able to crane frame off platform partially assemble
    • Rework for patch panels
  • Cable discussion fruitful
    • Option D to move cables from inner 400 cables to adjacent crate
    • Remove 2 crates and move to new racks
    • Abandon 200 cables
    • Patch panels worked out, 2 HV and 2 LV north and south side, 1 signal feedthrough plate downstream wall
    • HV and LV cable length = 20 ft
    • Signal cable length = 16 ft
    • Cable trays for Signal all going N-S under platform
    • HV and LV cables al come from underneath also
  • Monitoring system discussion
  • Assembly in ESB
  • Media:FCAL2_strawman_schedule.pdf
Both step.jpeg
JBweld cooling test.jpeg
Glass module steps.jpeg
Work platform.png
Work platform top.png
Work platform iso.png
Work platform bird.png


  • Reviewed minutes from last meeting
  • Looked at Sasha's installation wiki page
    • Showed different possible damage to wrapping of existing lead glass modules
    • Is aluminum being stuck to module surface a performance issue (light yield)?
      • Really no way to test now
      • Need to decide threshold for re-wrapping
    • Some inspection/labelling needed prior to unstacking of blocks
    • Sasha proposed that him and Arshak inspect each module after removal to decide on action to be taken -
    • Mark and Malte need to be in loop for base and pmt changes
      • Possibly test light yield on first 100
    • Malte asked who unstacked the original modules from BNL and what were the issues
    • Looks like we will have about 500 good PMT spares
    • Sasha presented manpower requirements
      • would need 2 students for 30 weeks to re-wrap all old modules
      • Total 11 students for 3 months will be needed for project (Eugene to check budgets)
      • JLAB folks responsible for unstacking modules - Hall D Techs/DSG?
      • Sasha/Arshak would train students to do module refurb
      • Students would label and bundle cables
      • JLAB tech staff handle structure, darkroom, cable trays, racks
      • JLAB electronics group handle crate installation and cabling possibly with help from DSG
      • Students would handle moving existing cables to adjacent crates on north and south racks
      • Need to get a final list of universities supplying students
      • Maybe best to downgrade the hall from RAD worker 1 to Gert only
    • Sasha mentioned the need to re-strap some existing 25 micron brass strap crystal modules
    • Need to start developing procedures for all aspects of the project
    • Need to define workstations needed - add to Sasha's table and develop a layout
  • Need to have electric power added to south side of FCAL platform
  • Need to update strawman schedule with more detail including resources
  • Lead glass acrylic sheet same design as original - need to remake panes for new geometry

Action Items

  • Develop required work stations needed and add to table - Sasha
  • Develop hall layout based on work stations - Tim/Stephanie
  • Update Gant chart with more detail and resources - Scot/Tim
  • Check to see if hall can be downgraded to a Radiologically Controlled area - Tim
  • Start developing procedures - Sasha - Tim
  • Determine what universities/students will be available - Sasha
  • Have electricians look at bringing power to new racks on south side - Tim
  • Determine if we have budget for students - Eugene
  • Design patch panels - Chris S./Stephanie