Roadmap toward a decision for Bcal Readout

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Roadmap toward a decision for Bcal Readout

Status and schedules can be found in the report at the Jan collaboration meeting.

  1. Technical specifications, already outlined in GlueX-doc-795
  2. Geometry, especially related to acceptance gap between Bcal and Fcal. Detailed plan should be developed.
    • Light guides and inactive material is different for the two options. We need to simulate the effect of each
    • Precise configuration of light guides for FM pmts on the upstream end, where the field at the end of the Bcal exceeds 0.5 T. See light guides studies.
    • Detail description of cables and electronics on each detector
  3. Granularity.
    • Optimization of distribution between inner and outer detectors
    • Which detectors should have discriminators and TDCs
    • Study of signal splitting, choice of discriminator - has an impact on number of cables.
  4. Resolution
    • Impact of dark rate on resolution
    • Light collection
    • Complete simulation studies for correct thresholds for the FM.
    • Energy threshold for various assumed PDE and DR combinations.
    • Studies of timing resolution. Realistic simulation for both photons and charged particles
    • Resolution for various geometry options (mentioned above).
  5. Detailed B-field plots including dependence on B-field components
  6. Dynamic range required, especially for near pmt/small angle showers.
  7. Private:Readout Cost Estimates

Silicon PM

  1. SensL SiPMs
  2. File:SiPM PDEvsDR A.pdf
  3. [Bcal Readout Review (July 21) Recommendations
    1. Develop a comprehensive test plan for the expected 10 units of SIPM assemblies from Hamamatsu and SensL, including the testing of long term stability and reliability, and operation at close to realistic (radiation) conditions.
    2. Make the choice of photo-sensor system for the BCAL and place an order only after obtaining and analyzing the results of the above tests. The Committee is aware that this could cause a few months delay of the fabrication/installation schedule, but considers the tests and analyses to be of higher value.
  4. Detailed plan for testing production SiPM units
  5. SiPM Radiation Hardness Test

Fine Mesh PMT

Light Guides

Magnetic Field