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GCF Generator


This is currently a private repository. If you do not have access, contact Jackson Pybus ( and request to be added as a collaborator

How to run


Navigate to a build directory of your choice (i.e. GCF_Generator Suite/build)

ccmake [path to]/GCF_Generator/src



Navigate to build/programs/genPhoto

./genPhoto [Z] [N] [outputFile.root] [# of prescribed events]

The output file will be a ROOT file with a tree of particle momentum, particle ID codes in PDG format, and event weights in units of nanobarns. Note that to determine the absolute cross section, it is necessary to divide by the prescribed number of events, rather than the written number of events.

Hall D software requires particle information to be provided in "HDDM" format to be used in propagation and reconstruction; such files can also be converted for ASCII-formatted files. To produce events written in this format, run the generator with the following options:

./genPhoto [Z] [N] [weights.root] [# of prescribed events] -A [outputFile.txt]

The ROOT file will have a tree containing only the event weights; the text file will be an ASCII-formatted file containing particle information. To convert this file to "HDDM" format, follow instruction given in the following section.

Hall D Software

GlueX Software Page


  • Reconstruction:
  • Simulation:

Geant Geometry

& Install software:

git clone

How to run

Compile plugin

scons -u install

Location of data

List of runs:

on ifarms:


Data on tape:

ls /mss/halld/RunPeriod-2019-01/rawdata/

Retrieve file from tape:

jcache get /mss/halld/RunPeriod-2019-01/rawdata/Run_number/*.evio


Convert ASCII file to the hddm format (Gluex Simulation format)

genr8_2_hddm input_file.txt

will create an output file input_file.hddm

You can copy from the directory below to your libs and recompile


(or use the program from /w/halld-scifs17exp/halld2/home/somov/SRC/src_lib/halld_sim/Linux_CentOS7.7-x86_64-gcc4.8.5/bin/genr8_2_hddm)

Process events through Geant

  1. Copy files setenv.csh and from /work/halld2/home/somov/SRC/src_geant to your dir
  2. Update directories in 'setenv.csh'
  3. source setenv.csh
  4. Geant is handled using file. Update parameters (name of INPUT/OUTPUT files, number of events you want to process) in this file.
  5. hdgeant

(OUTPUT_smeared.hddm file will be created after processing events through Geant)


  1. Example of the reconstruction code in /work/halld2/home/somov/SRC/src_recon
  2. Copy to your directory, update setenv.csh
  3. source setenv.csh
  4. Compile scons -j16 install
  5. Run, see run file