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General Information

Build Scripts: A Version Management System for GlueX describes a standard directory structure for GlueX software, how to create complete or partial builds, and how to specify versions of individual packages, both for building and for use. It is also available as GlueX Note 2793.

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Shell Environment Set-Up

Building GlueX Software

GlueX and Containers

Software Documentation

Packages used in the GlueX software stack with links to package-specific documentation.

GlueX Software

Documentation for software packages specific to GlueX or to JLab.

Software Packages

Special Topics

Documentation for External Software Packages

Documentation on additional software packages used by GlueX. Development and maintenance of these are not directly related to GlueX.

Data Sets

Offline Data Monitoring

Computing Facilities



Other Computing Resources

Software Management

Source Code Management

Testing and Debugging

Governance, Conventions, Standard Practices

Meetings and Reviews

Communication and Help


Legacy Links

Uncategorized Links

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