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  1. Instructions for Bluejeans meeting connection
  2. Meeting ID: 290664653
  3. To join via a Web Browser, go to the page [1]

Thu 8/26/2021 2pm


  1. Run preparations
  2. Tracking
  3. Other


  1. Run preparations
    • CDC - ready to go, will start mixing alcohol next Tuesday.
    • FDC
      • Lubomir checked FDC using cosmics and filled the spreadsheet where we compare the problematic channels year-by-year. In short - there are no new problematic channels, most of them were present in the last year check, several were not but were intermittent in the past years.
      • There was some noise in FDC2 Cell1 in run 80135 (8/24 evening) identified as sparking close to the last wire, that stopped now. Will keep an eye on it.
    • fADC125
    • GEM-TRD
  2. Tracking
    • Alex showed pion and proton pull distribution for different soft version and FDC tilts. After long discussions there have been some new ideas: try to lock FDC and CDC together when do the tilt; use low energy data where we expect more tracks crossing both detectors, also rotate the magnetic field together with the FDC.