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  1. Instructions for Bluejeans meeting connection
  2. Meeting ID: 290664653
  3. To join via a Web Browser, go to the page [1]

Thu 9/9/2021 2pm


  1. Run preparations
  2. Tracking
    • Simluation of FDC tilt (θx=-0.0275, θy=0.0265), reconstruction with nominal geometry (Alex)
      • π- ,comparison to real data in red
      • proton ,comparison to real data in red
    • Ongoing: study effect on and SDMEs
  3. Other


  1. Run preparations
    • CDC - the CDC bubbler stopped, Beni will look at it, most likely needs oil.
    • FDC - In addition to what was posted at the last tracking meeting as an action plan: the FDC spare package was moved to EEL126. Tim proposed as another option to use a pump at the supply line combined with reversing the gas flow. Beni - might be dangerous as the foils bend in the other direction. As a last resort, if reversing doesn't unclog the line, we can use the gauge line (that is used to measure the pressure inside the cell) as an exhaust - requires a very delicate pressure balance, but should work. We should plan to replace the FDC MFCs with rotameters - discussed the effects of the pressure variation as a result of the pressure cycle in the mixing tank (10-12 psi).
  2. Tracking
    • Alex set the efforts to find the FDC rotations from real data aside and focused on MC simulation instead. He generated a 'flat' rho signal sample with a slightly rotated FDC and reconstructed it with the nominal geometry. Some of the features in the pulls, especially in x and z, look similar to the ones observed in real data. In addition, the reconstructed beam direction appears rotated, just like observed in issue #531. He will generate samples with angular distributions and study the effect on the decay polarization and SDME extraction next.