April 26, 2023, FCAL Insert Installation Meeting

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Meeting Time and Place

Wednesday April 26, 2023 9am At Jefferson Lab, Hall D Counting House and on Zoom https://jlab-org.zoomgov.com/j/1619449114?pwd=UFlVQ1dWTGZ0ZkVYSEx5QzE4YUI3dz09&from=addon meeting ID: 161 944 9114 Passcode: 562689



  • We went over minutes and action items from the previous meeting
  • Malte requested a log entry to be made everyday to keep track of how many modules were removed.
  • Malte to come up with a multi shift plan for unstacking and inspecting
  • There has been some difficulty un-torquing the bolts on the side pressure bars. Keith will break the torque on all the upper bars using the proper tools.
  • Sasha wishes to set up a stacking test
    • Use lower step assy in ESB
    • Need to wait until modules are half un-stacked for Malte to determine which modules to use
    • No modules to leave the Hall without Malte (and Radcon approval).
    • G10 Sideplates are being reworked for design change on side pusher and for additional set screw locations
    • Stack 3 rows with crystals in the middle to test system
  • Stephanie to let Sasha know the length of LMS fibers based on his current plan
  • Arshak would like a 15 ft table in ESB for polishing and cutting LMS fibers - Scot will come up with something
  • Sasha would like 2 tables in EEL 108 cleanroom for student work with crystals
  • Crystal testing will be done in EEL 108 and 126