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Calibration database

Detector calibrations are stored using the Calibration_Database, CCDB. It has a command line interface, a python API and a visual browser.

The tables are described here: Calibration_Constants (from 2014 but it's a start)

The calibration process

Coordinated launches of batch jobs running hd_root with the monitoring & calibration plugins are organized during and after each run period.

Plot Browser is often used to examine the resulting histograms (the root files are on the cache disk directory for the run period).

The people responsible for each subdetector's calibrations calculate a new set of calibration values and add them to the database. This process is repeated until the calibrations are satisfactory and the data are declared ready for REST production.

The original calibration & monitoring page Calibration dashboard for runs before fall 2018

Calibration software

Calibration software maintained by the detector groups can be found in halld_recon with varying levels of documentation stored with the plugins.

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