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Procedure Owner
Automated Timing Calibrations Mike Staib
BCAL Gains Will McGinley
BCAL Attenuation length/gain ratio Mark Dalton
BCAL Effective velocities Georgios Vasileiadis
CDC time to distance Mike Staib
CDC gains Naomi Jarvis
FCAL Gain Adesh Subedi
RF Calibration Paul Mattione
PS time offsets Nathan Sparks
PSC Timewalk Nathan Sparks
PS Energy Alex Barnes
SC Timewalk Mahmoud Kamel
SC Propogation Time Mahmoud Kamel
TAGH Timewalk Nathan Sparks
TAGM Timewalk and timing Alex Barnes
TOF Calibrations Beni Zihlmann


Older Information

Data Monitoring

Monitoring System

Updates and Drawings

Initial System Concept

The content in the three attachments below was presented by the Athens group on May 5, 2008.

Under construction: the physics simulations that promise to provide a calibration of the BCAL will be added here in the near future.