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Meeting Day: WEDNESDAY
Meeting Time: 11:00 a.m. JLab time

  1. To join via a Web Browser, go to the page [1] https://bluejeans.com/907185247.
  2. To join via Polycom room system go to the IP Address: (bjn.vc) and enter the meeting ID: 907185247.
  3. To join via phone, use one of the following numbers and the Conference ID: 907185247.
    • US or Canada: +1 408 740 7256 or
    • US or Canada: +1 888 240 2560
  4. Upon connection all microphones are automatically muted. To unmute your mike on a Polycom or equivalent unit, enter *4. Unmuting on a computer is trivial as there is a microphone button than can be clicked.
  5. More information on connecting to bluejeans is available.

Participant Direct Lines

  • JLab Phone in CC L207 is 757-269-7084 (usual room)
  • JLab Phone: in CC F326 is 757-269-6460
  • Phone in the Regina Video-conference Suite is 306-585-4204
  • Athens Phone: in Christina's office is 011-30-210-727-6947


  1. FCAL HDFCAL log book
  2. BCAL HDBCAL log book
  3. Calibrations: 2020 Data Production; RunPeriod-2019-11 Validation; Offline Monitoring Data Validation

Goals for Calorimetry Group

  1. Determine preliminary photon reconstruction efficiencies as a function of E, phi and theta in data and simulation with a point-to-point precision of at least 5%.
  2. Measure systematics of pi0/eta mass calibration as a function of detector position to a precision of at least 5 MeV.
  3. Demonstrate agreement of photon reconstruction efficiency and resolution between data and simulation as a function of E, phi and theta to within 5%.

Action Items

  1. Short term CALWG Items
  2. Long term items
  3. Calorimeter work packages

Tentative Agenda

  1. Announcements
  2. Run Preparations
    1. FCAL
    2. BCAL
    3. PrimEx/CCAL/FCAL-II
  3. Calibration
    1. FCAL energy calibration: PrimEx vs GlueX
  4. Monitoring
    1. BCAL LED
    2. BCAL (offline)
      1. Tolga: BCAL Update Batch 9 [2] Might double check if any overlooked runs, but all looks good and consistent with report.
    3. FCAL (offline)
  5. Efficiency
  6. Reconstruction
  7. Simulations
  8. Action Items
  9. Any other business


Attending: Curtis, Karthik, Sean, Varun, Susan, Zisis, Igal, Mark, Matt, Malte, Jon, Rebecca, Tolga, Sasha, Elton

  1. Announcements:
    • Elton mentioned the announcement that Rolf Ent is stepping down as AD.
    • Collaboration meeting: we will fold detector reports in with upcoming experiments (e.g. PrimEx), as necessary.
  2. Run Preparations
    1. FCAL: Mark reported on the work concerning the FCAL bases. New firmware is used, still undergoing some tests and pending integration into CSS. This will support quick monitoring and a reboot by the watchdog takes 1-2 min (brief interruption of power to base). 91 bases repairs of the 100 inner ones; another 100 will be done next, completing the 200 inner ones that needed this work. Mark mentioned that documentation/presentation will be prepared.
    2. BCAL: no report.
    3. PrimEx/CCAL/FCAL-II: Sasha reported that COMCAL refurbishing is well under way: new electronics (old amp-gain was x24, smaller to no multiplication will be needed for GlueX), divider circuit improvements (new versions to be installed on test stand). This is a large-scale prototype for FCAL-II and beam time is needed to check for linearity. LMS system (box, temp stability) being looked at. New plastic fibres (1mm diameter, deliver more light from LEDs). Draft of NIM paper underway (FCAL/COMCAL/NPS).
  3. Calibration
    1. Igal showed an update on the FCAL energy calibration: PrimEx vs GlueX. GlueX gain range 0.39-14, PrimEx method 0.38-2. A comparison of pi0 mass location and width were shown for the two methods. FCAL individual ring calibration shown. Calibration can be done coarsely in a few days, and up to 2 weeks if needed to better than 1%. A brief discussion followed on using all GlueX features (vertex vs DOCA, rejecting showers matched to charge particles, etc).
  4. Monitoring
    1. BCAL LED: no report.
    2. BCAL (offline): Tolga gave an update on Batch 9. Overall, no concerns. A few minor spikes here and there. Looks good.
    3. FCAL (offline): Susan is working on this and hopes to make progress by Friday.
  5. Efficiency
    1. Jon reminded folks of Matt's suggestion to use the daughter pi0 from the b1->omega pi0 decay. Work has started in Regina by Karthik with Foda's help. Elton will bring the photon recon task force together on the afternoon of Friday Jan 29, to discuss the eta-prime and b1 work in this regard.
  6. Reconstruction: no report.
  7. Simulations: no report.
  8. Action Items: Zisis will update the Action Items,
  9. Any other business: it was decided to continue with the current CALWG format, with PrimEx coming once a month. The next CALWG meeting (Feb 3) will be the normal one.