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Systems in Use

GlueX Communication Equipment
InstitutionEquipment TypeBrandModelPhone LineOther Details
CMUH323PolycomVSX5000NoVSX5000 data sheet add on VTX1000 speaker phone
FSUH323PolycomQDX6000NoQDX 6000 data sheet
ReginaH323PolycomVSX7000?online management, H323 extension 202166
UConnH323PolycomViewstation H323Yesonline management, H323 extension 202130 (product no longer offered)
TimbuktuPCDellN/ANoHeadset with mic

Obtaining Equipment

Video Equipment

  1. Polycom V500: New is $1500, refurbished is $700.
  2. Polycom VSX 5000: New is $3000, refurbished is $2000.
  3. Polycom VSX 7000: New is $5000, refurbished is $2800.
  4. Polycom QDX 6000: New is $2900.
  5. Polycom VSX 3000 System: This system comes with a display screen as well as the camera. $3800.

Audio Equipment

  1. Polycom VTX 1000 microphone/speaker/conference phone. Purchase new for about $700.

Comments on Recent Purchases

  • Curtis: about 18 months ago, I purchased a new system (better camera and micrphone). It is the VSX 5000 unit, which was about $3000. Refurbished units are about 2/3 of that. I also bought a VTX1000 phone/micrphone extension which is about 700 new and 400 refurbished. ur VTX 1000 unit provides the phone-line connection.
  • Paul: We purchased a new system polycom QDX 6000 in December for $2800 from www.govconnection.com (you can get a better educational price if you call). So far, we have been happy with the system. The only downside was that our old polycom .H323 system also doubled as a teleconference system. The new system does not connect to a phone line. I do not know if VSX 5000 does. QDX 6000 High Resolution Video Conferencing System, Mfr: Polycom, Inc. Item#: 9405371 Mfg. Part #: 7200-30831-001.

Setting Up Systems