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Mark Ito of Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility is listed as an author on the following documents:
(List events moderated by Mark Ito)

GlueX-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
2793-v15 A Version Management System for GlueX Mark Ito Offline
Code Management
Compilation and Linking
07 Dec 2016
1541-v6 GlueX Calibration/Conditions Database Specification Mark Ito et al. Databases
26 Sep 2016
2252-v1 Monte Carlo Generators and Detector Simulation Mark Ito Monte Carlo
Event Generator
05 Jul 2016
3058-v2 Data and Computing Resources at JLab Mark Ito Computing
13 May 2016
2921-v1 Progress in Hall D Offline Software, 2015 Mark Ito et al. Computing
11 Feb 2016
2844-v2 A Version Management System for GlueX Mark Ito Code Management
Compilation and Linking
08 Oct 2015
2845-v2 Offline Software Overview (Fall 2015) Mark Ito Computing
08 Oct 2015
2808-v1 Data Management for Hall D Mark Ito et al. Code Management
23 Sep 2015
2686-v5 Synchronization of GlueX Timing Systems Mark Ito et al. Electronics
21 Jul 2015
2757-v3 Git for GlueX? Mark Ito Code Management
08 Jul 2015
2625-v2 Calibration Constants Database (CCDB) package documentation Mark Ito et al. Databases
12 Jan 2015
2607-v1 What I Just Learned about TDCs Mark Ito Electronics
19 Nov 2014
2017-v2 Hall-D Offline Software Status Mark Ito et al. Monte Carlo
01 Jun 2012
1767-v1 Overview of GlueX Offline Computing Mark Ito General
10 May 2011
1607-v1 Introduction to the Calibration Database Mark Ito et al. Calibration
21 Sep 2010
1132-v3 The Effect of the CDC/FDC Gap on Charged Particle Resolution in GlueX Mark Ito CDC
26 May 2009
1206-v3 Tracking Software Mark Ito et al. Tracking
30 Jan 2009
1075-v1 Alternative ways to simulate a detector Mark Ito Particle Tracking
25 Jun 2008
1015-v2 A Program to Estimate Resolution for Charged Particles in GlueX Mark Ito General
15 Apr 2008

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