Short Term Run Plan

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Do reload this page, it gets updated frequently.

Current Experiment

Rare Eta Decay & GlueX II (with DIRC)

  • Experiment number: E12-12-002 (use in BTA shift information)
  • Proposal
  • Spokesperson: C. A. Meyer


  • All GlueX detectors (including DIRC)

Run conditions

Hall D counting room whiteboard

  • Radiator: JD70-103 50 um diamond (4 orientations: 0, 90, 45, -45)
  • Collimator: 5.0 mm
  • TPOL converter: Be 75 um
  • Runs are no more than 2 hours (~400M triggers)- see whiteboard for the production cycle
  • Target: Liquid Hydrogen

DAQ configuration

  • Setup: FCAL_BCAL_PS_m9
  • Production: PHYSICS_DIRC
  • (Raw mode: PHYSICS_DIRC_RAW)

Run plan

See the daily plan in Run Coordination Meetings:Spring2023 and also the counting house whiteboard

Shift duties

Shift Leader

Shift Worker

Special instructions

Hall Delta

It's good practice to refer to our hall as Delta when talking to MCC, to make sure that there is no acoustic confusion between us and Hall B.

Screenshot tool

"Alt L" brings up the screenshot tool for making E-log entries

FCAL Base lockup

If FCAL HV bases lose communication and stop providing high voltage, refer to

CDC Weather alarm

aka Alarm on HD:coda:cdc:p_diff. See

  • Stop run - Acknowledge alarm and document it - Start new run

We are temporarily using Hall B sensor for our alarm, see Alternative Barometric Pressure Measurement

DIRC Communication Error at Run Start

When starting a new run, one of the DIRC FPGA boards may lose communication resulting in a Magenta communication error in the Alarm Tree, refer to this page for a fix.

After beam restoration

  • check the radiation levels without radiator and then with the radiator
    • see the whiteboard (bottom RHS corner of the RH board) - there are columns of values expected without and with the radiator
  • retract the radiator
  • collimator in blocking position
  • ask MCC to do their harp scan
  • our harp scans: follow the instructions in Beam_Line_Detectors_Shift#Radiator_Harp_Scan


If you have to restart rootspy, Online_Monitoring_Shift#Routine_Operation, and it crashes, you might have to restart the monitoring process, find help at Online_Monitoring_Shift#Starting_and_stopping_the_Monitoring_System.

DAQ issues

Call the expert. In case they suggest that you restart the DAQ, find information at Data_Acquisition_Shift.

In case the DAQ issue is low lifetime:

  • In case there is time (eg beam down), call the expert so that he can track down the problem.
  • Restart the DAQ, if that does not help, call the expert.

BTA sheet

  • The BTA guidelines are at BTA_guidelines.
    After loading the EPICS values, you may change the values, eg round them up or down.
    • BANU values should be reflected in the PCC (or UED) value (else the aftermath doesnt work out for RC), put a comment for > 5minutes.
    • UED: unplanned experiment down (hardware failure).

Bottom Alcohol Bubbler

  • We are not using the bottom alcohol bubbler. It is expected that its level is "ADD" and that it is not bubbling log entry