December 14, 2016 Calibration

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GlueX Calibration Meeting
Wednesday, December 14, 2016
11:00 am, EST
JLab: CEBAF Center, F326

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Calibration Tasks

  1. Spring 2016 Recon Checklist
  2. Mcsmear updates
  3. Data Validation
  4. GlueX Detector Performance Document

Upcoming Calibrations

  • Add timing information to FCAL clustering/inner ring calibrations? (Adesh/Matt S.)
  • BCAL TDC calibrations (Andrei)
  • TAGH alignment (Nathan)
  • Tagger energy map (Richard J.?)
  • TOF alignment (Beni/Simon)


  1. Announcements
  2. Run Planning
  3. Calibration Updates
  4. Alignment
  5. Simulations
  6. AOB


Attending: Sean (NU); Simon, Lubomir, Mike S., Alex A., Mark D., Thomas, Mark I. (JLab); Curtis, Naomi (CMU); George (Athens); Mahmoud (FIU); Justin (W&M)

  1. Announcements
    • Short meeting, beam being tuned to the tagger hall.
  2. Run Planning
    • Firmware Updates
      • Sean reported that using the cosmic data over the weekend, the f250 firmware looks well understood and tests with beam data are next.
      • Naomi reported that Cody updated the the CDC & FDC crates with a minor bug fix
    • Calibrations to run
      • Sean reported that the offline jobs are ready, automated calibrations won't be tested during the run, since we'll only have just enough time to recalibrate the detector.
    • HV scans are planned for the CDC, TOF, and TAGH. Personnel are ready to analyze this data.
  3. Calibration Updates
    • BCAL - Sean will provide an updated SQLite CCDB file to Regina to help with development of timing corrections in sim-recon.
    • SC - Mahmoud compared some simulations with his results for data, and found the efficiencies to be similar but the resolution to be larger.
  4. Alignment
    • Mike has been working on the cathode alignment and has finally found one of the bugs in sim-recon with how the alignment parameters are applied, and now gets consistent residuals with Lubomir's standalone code.
    • After this, all other alignment needs to be revisited, should have a big impact in the next reconstruction launch.
    • Lubomir has some code that compares his reconstruction with sim-recon on an event-by-event and hit-by-hit level basis, which was very helpful in solving these problems. He is currently working on fixing some finer problems, such as the location dependence of reconstructed hits.
  5. Simulations
    • Mark I. reported that ~1000 jobs for sim1.2 were simulated on a mix of CentOS 6.5 and 7 machines. The results are ready for analysis. Many timed-out jobs were seen, he is looking into the cause - may be HDGeant related.
    • Next step is to updated sim-recon from v29 to v30 and use latest CCDB data.
    • Plan is also to generate ~100 files with HDGeant4 to explore its current status. Currently, Geant4 is built, and HDGeant4 is the next step.
      • Justin reported that Tegan had looked at some eta decays with HDGeant4 and has seen some unusual features, e.g., an excessive number of showers.
    • Sean gave updates on the status of mcsmear for this launch. Dead channels for the CDC are currently in, those for the FDC will be updated today. SC and FDC hit efficiencies are generally consistent between data and simulation. He shows some plots and results of studying the test sim1.2 jobs. Calorimeter timing resolution is okay, the SC and TOF resolutions need some updates.
      • TOF and FDC efficiency updates require some more development.
      • Mark D. pointed out that the discrepancies in the BCAL timing are not surprising. Precision charged particle timing is still under development.