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Scope of Electronics Effort

The Electronics Working Group (EWG) is responsible for all the electronics instrumentation in Hall D at Jefferson Lab. The EWG tasks are to:

1. Design, procure and commission all the electronics instrumentation by working in close collaboration with all the detector and support groups and the GlueX collaboration members towards the successful construction and operation of Hall D.

2. Support the R&D efforts for all the detector subsystems.

3. Disseminate information by providing documentation necessary for the successful integration of the detector, instrumentation and readout electronics.

4. Provide for a safe work environment by effectively communicating and implementing all the safety standards and requirements at Jefferson Lab.

  • Site maintained by F.J. Barbosa. For additional information, barbosa@jlab.org or (757) 269-7433

Reviews & Meetings

  • Reviews

Calorimeter Review - 19-20 February 2008 Review Site

Drift Chamber & PID Review - 27-28 March 2008 Review Site

System & Integration Review - 7-9 May 2008 Review Site

CD-3 Lehmann Review - 22-24 July 2008 - Approved

Electronics Testing Readiness Review - 18 September 2012

  • Meetings

Status of Electronics

N.B.: The estimated availability dates that are provided here should be used for guidance only and are not to be considered as firm delivery dates, unless otherwise noted.

> Status & Schedules

Infrastructure Links

  • Summary of Hall D Detector Systems - Electronics channel counts, etc. maintained by Fernando, GlueX-doc-747
  • Hall D Complex Final Drawings (25 Feb 2008) - From landscaping to electrical details Hall D Complex
  • Hall D Space Program Design Criteria (July 2007) - Additional construction details Hall D Complex II

Electronics Subsystems

  • Grounding and Shielding
 > Grounding and Shielding Guidelines GlueX-doc-1029
  • System Diagrams
 > Hall D Readout Electronics GlueX-doc-1035
  • Detector & Electronics
 > CDC & FDC - Electrical Characterization GlueX-doc-1131, 
               HVB GlueX-doc-1179, 
               Calibration GlueX-doc-1185, 
               Materials & Aging Reference
 > ASIC - GAS-1 Description, Tests, Status & Plans GlueX-doc-1005
 > Preamp Card - GPC-01 Pinout GlueX-doc-826, Tests GlueX-doc-871, GlueX-doc-931,
                 User's Manual GlueX-doc-923,
                 Readout System Tests GlueX-doc-1065
 > SiPM - Readout GlueX-doc-1289, SiPM_Dev_Schedule,
          Radiation Damage Rad1, Rad2, Rad3, Rad4, Rad5, Rad6, Rad7,
 > PMTs
 > STBs, HVTBs, HVBs
  • Modular Electronics
 > Discriminators (LE, CFD) LE V895, CFD V812
 > Scalers Struck SIS3800s
  • Readout Electronics
 > F1TDC F1TDC User's Manual, IEEE NSS 2002 Poster
 > F1TDC-V2 Meeting Minutes
 > fADC125 Short Spec Sheet, Module Specifications, Update_May09,Update_July09
 > fADC250 Short Spec Sheet, IEEE NSS Paper, IEEE NSS Poster
 > fADC250-V2 Meeting Minutes
 > fADC250 Firmware Versions
  • L1 Trigger Electronics
 > Trigger Overview L1 Trigger Overview, Trigger Timing, Fixed Latency Trigger
 > Trigger System Diagrams Diagrams
 > SD - Signal Distribution SD Module
 > CTP - Crate Trigger Processor CTP Module,IEEE NSS Paper, IEEE NSS Poster
 > TI - Trigger Interface TI Module
 > SSP - Sub-System Processor SSP Module
 > GTP - Global Trigger Processor GTP Module
 > TD - Trigger Distribution TD Module
 > TS - Trigger Supervisor TS Module
 > Trigger Meeting Minutes
  • Environmental Monitoring
 > Temperature
 > Humidity
 > Cooling Systems
  • Power Systems & Controls
 > AC
 > HV Modules CAEN A1932A 48Ch 3KV Module
 > LV Modules Wiener MPOD LV Modules, CAEN LV Module,MPOD Tests GlueX-doc-1080
 > High Voltage Distribution 
      .CDC & FDC - GlueX-doc-967
 > Low Voltage Distribution  
      .CDC & FDC - GlueX-doc-966
 > Control Interfaces
  • Crates & Racks
 > High Voltage Chassis CAEN SY1527
 > Low Voltage Chassis Wiener MPOD, CAEN SY1527
 > VME Chassis CAEN VME64x, Wiener VME64x, Wiener 20-slot VXS
 > Racks Typical 19" Rack 77"x23"x36" (303x91x142 mm)
 > VME64x & VXS Backplane VME Pin Allocation
  • Signal Integrity and Cable Systems
 > Signal Cables 
      .CDC and FDC - Measurements GlueX-doc-660, Specs GlueX-doc-995
 > Connectors
 > Splitters
 > HV
 > LV
 > Controls
 > Interfaces
  • Safety
 > Standards & Guidelines
   6200-JLab Electrical Safety Program,
   6210-General Electrical Safety,
        Appendix 6210-T1,
        Appendix 6210-T2,
        Appendix 6210-T4,
   6220-AC Electrical Distribution,
        Appendix 6220-T1,
   6230-Electronic Equipment Safety,
   6240-Electrical Equipment Construction
 > Monitoring
 > Interlocks