November 16, 2022 FCAL Insert Installation Meeting

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Meeting Time and Place

Wednesday November 16, 2022 10am At Jefferson Lab, Hall D Counting House and on Teams


Both step.jpeg
JBweld cooling test.jpeg
Glass module steps.jpeg


  • Discussed minutes from last meeting
    • what inspections/marking/labeling are needed prior to removal of lead glass blocks?
      • Malte to come up with a written procedure of what they plan on
      • Need for good tracking of all modules
      • There will be several surveys and measurements for baseline
      • Sasha wants to minimize rewrapping - needs to come up with a threshold
      • Malte and Mark Dalton wish to be involved in FCAL module dis-assy
  • Going through new version of Gant chart
    • Matt commented on the fact that some dates do not make sense
    • Need to update Gant chart with more realistic time frames
    • Need to tie Sasha's manpower chart into Gant
    • Malte making base stress test plan to determine weak base
      • to be done in January
      • prepare stock pile of new bases
  • Discussed need for written procedures for all aspects of the project
    • Sasha wishes to be responsible for all procedures pertaing to lead glass and crystal modules
    • He may need some help? Who will do what - This needs to be decided in order for things to go smoothly
  • Discussed desire to downgrade Hall for GERT only, can ESB be downgraded?
  • Discussed the need for a planned quantity of modules to be re-wrapped
    • This will be based on Sasha's proposed student manpower for 3 months
    • 700 modules to be re-wrapped is the current baseline
    • Sasha will obtain materials for many more just in case
  • Discussed cables
    • Sasha Fernando proposed a change to put PCBs at chains for LV
      • Proposed horizontal layout will be too crowded
      • Will meet in a separate meeting again to decide on this
  • Sasha showed a working layout for tables and shelving in hall for lead glass and crystal modules
    • Concern with stability of free standing shelving
    • Can tie 2 shelves together for stability
    • Modify existing wall shelving for length of lead glass modules
    • Need to determine how much existing shelving and what is needed to procure
  • Discussed rack and crate layout
    • Sasha showed his proposed crate layout
    • Need to strategically place racks for simplified cable paths
    • Show 3d model of rack layout next meeting
  • Discussed need for mock ups
    • Maybe use ComCal as a mock up for new cabling in January when it is removed from the hall
    • Use lead glass to verify all wrapping /rework procedure so traing can be done well for students
    • Use videos to teach students?
  • Discussed use of 2 scissor lifts instead of big platform upstream of the FCAL
    • Need to demonstrate stability of lift at heights
    • Rent 2nd larger lift with 4 ft extension ($1K / month)

Action Items