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  1. Instructions for Bluejeans meeting connection
  2. Meeting ID: 290664653
  3. To join via a Web Browser, go to the page [1]

Thu 7/29/2021 2pm


  1. Tracking
  2. Run preparations
  3. GEM-TRD
  4. Other


  1. Tracking
    • Simon reported on modifications to how a global tilt of the entire FDC is handled in the reconstruction in a new github branch
      • He studied the impact of generating single pion tracks with a tilted FDC by reconstructing with the nominal geometry, where distortions in the pulls of px,py,pz and x,y,z as a function of φ can be seen, and with the revised code using the tilted XML, where the distortions are more-or-less eliminated.
      • He repeated the exercise for ρ events, with comparable results.
    • Keigo reported on the sensitivity check of MilleKs for rotation parameters of each plane. MilleKs is insensitive to rotation of FDC plane #20, but sensitive to that of #5, #19, #21.
      • Package-by-Package alignment was done using straight track data and MilleFieldOff. The results are comparable to MilleKs results, and so small that they cannot explain phi dependence of the pull distributions.
  2. Run preparations
    • FA125
      • Cody tested a new firmware version but it did not go well so he reverted the firmware to the old version.
    • CDC
      • Beni fixed many problems with preamps, LV not connected, etc, and now all the channels look ok. He is waiting for BCAL to be ready to take cosmics.
      • Naomi presented an outline of how a gain AI could be used to maintain stable gain for the CDC, and showed that the changes in HV needed are small (+/- 15V) and the impact on drift time is small but beneficial.
    • FDC
      • Lubomnir turned on the FDC chiller, HVs (not nominal yet, now at 2100V), and the LVs. There were problems with the LV, however, at the time of writing the minutes that was solved, see logbook FDC LV issues
  3. GEM-TRD
    • The problem with the GEM-TRD drift HV was solved and the detector is ready for the tests at the PS. There will be another GEM-TRD prototype, with pad readout, ready for the tests.
    • The paperwork for the large-scale prototype is on track and hopefully we will be ready with the PR in this FY.
  4. Other