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Beni Zihlmann of Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility is listed as an author on the following documents:
(List events moderated by Beni Zihlmann)

GlueX-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
4607-v4 DSelector Documentation Alexander Austregesilo et al. Computing
11 Mar 2022
5467-v1 GlueX Software Documentation Beni Zihlmann Collaboration
General Content
23 Feb 2022
5373-v2 Production Testing of MWPCs for CPP Alexander Austregesilo et al. MWPCs
01 Dec 2021
5079-v3 Response to the ERR for E12-13-008/E12-13-008A Mark Ito et al. Project Status
24 May 2021
2274-v10 FADC125 Data Format Cody Dickover et al. Frontend
05 Feb 2021
4889-v1 TOF trigger pattern for CPP experiment Beni Zihlmann Rates, Trigger and DAQ
29 Jan 2021
4600-v5 Measuring the Polarizability of the Neutral Pion with GlueX - Presentation to PAC48 Mark Ito et al. Amplitude Analysis
26 Oct 2020
4373-v4 Measuring the Neutral Pion Polarizability Alexander Austregesilo et al. GlueX Physics
Amplitude Analysis
01 Jul 2020
4478-v3 Measuring the Polarizability of the Neutral Pion with GlueX - May 2020 Collaboration Meeting Mark Ito et al. Amplitude Analysis
19 May 2020
1045-v2 A Study of the Optical Properties of Prototype FCAL Light Guides Matt Shepherd et al. FCAL
06 Oct 2009
988-v1 FCAL: Forward Calorimeter Alex R. Dzierba et al. Design Report
Hall D Project Review
26 Feb 2008

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