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Matt Shepherd of Indiana University is listed as an author on the following documents:
(List events moderated by Matt Shepherd)

GlueX-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
6399-v1 Notes on Phase Space Matt Shepherd Monte Carlo
Event Generator
05 Mar 2024
5315-v1 NERSC ERCAP Request for AY2022 Alexander Austregesilo et al. Computing
30 Sep 2021
4094-v3 AmpTools Implementation of Polarized Production Matt Shepherd GlueX Physics
Amplitude Analysis
17 Jun 2019
3870-v11 Future Physics in Hall D with the GlueX Detector GlueX Collaboration et al. GlueX Physics
GlueX Experiment
19 Apr 2019
3718-v2 GlueX Status Slide Summer 2018 Matt Shepherd Management
20 Jul 2018
2824-v2 DIRC Shipping and Integration Matt Shepherd Particle ID
08 Oct 2015
2809-v3 FDIRC Technical Design Report Fernando J. Barbosa et al. Design Report
Design Report
GlueX Physics
Particle ID
01 Oct 2015
2756-v2 GlueX One-page Summary for Jefferson Lab Matt Shepherd GlueX Physics
GlueX Experiment
Detector Hardware
Photon Beam
10 Jun 2015
2748-v2 Polarized production of rho mesons Matt Shepherd Presentation
20 May 2015
2198-v10 An initial study of mesons and baryons containing strange quarks with GlueX Volker Crede et al. Proposal
25 Oct 2013
1798-v4 Proposal For Beamtest of Hall D Forward Calorimeter Prototype Underneath Hall B Tagger Kei Moriya et al. FCAL
15 Oct 2012
2017-v2 Hall-D Offline Software Status Mark Ito et al. Monte Carlo
01 Jun 2012
1071-v4 Performance of the prototype module of the GlueX electromagnetic barrel calorimeter Daniel S. Carman et al. Beam Test
12 Apr 2012
1524-v1 Analysis: What are the key observables and how do we make measurements? Matt Shepherd Amplitude Analysis
16 Nov 2010
849-v1 BCAL Simulation and Reconstruction in the DANA Framework Matt Shepherd Reconstruction
06 Oct 2009
850-v1 An Optimization of GlueX FCAL Light Guide Design Ryan E. Mitchell et al. FCAL
Optical Ray Tracing
06 Oct 2009
1045-v2 A Study of the Optical Properties of Prototype FCAL Light Guides Matt Shepherd et al. FCAL
06 Oct 2009
1231-v2 An algorithm for simulating the electronics threshold of the BCAL readout device Matt Shepherd Reconstruction
06 Oct 2009
988-v1 FCAL: Forward Calorimeter Alex R. Dzierba et al. Design Report
Hall D Project Review
26 Feb 2008
989-v1 Calorimeter Simulations Mihajlo Kornicer et al. Design Report
Hall D Project Review
26 Feb 2008
597-v1 A Flexible Toolkit for PWA Matt Shepherd PWA
13 Feb 2006

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