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Paul M. Eugenio of Florida State University is listed as an author on the following documents:
(List events moderated by Paul M. Eugenio)

GlueX-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
4123-v1 TOF Inner Region Upgrade Plans (July 17, 2019 Update) Paul M. Eugenio Detector Hardware
17 Jul 2019
2858-v2 Recent results on meson spectroscopy from CLAS Hussein Al Ghoul et al. GlueX Physics
Partial Wave Analysis
10 Oct 2015
2302-v1 The GlueX Experimental program Paul M. Eugenio Presentation
26 Sep 2013
1264-v2 TOF Status Paul M. Eugenio et al. TOF
11 May 2009
1157-v1 Search for Gluonic Hybrid Mesons via Photoproduction at Jefferson Lab Paul M. Eugenio Presentation
07 Nov 2008
722-v1 UPV Software Paul M. Eugenio General
10 Nov 2006
720-v1 UPV Geomerty Paul M. Eugenio UPV
09 Nov 2006
373-v1 Upstream Photon Veto Paul M. Eugenio Design Report
Hall D Project Review
19 Oct 2004
51-v2 A Study of leakage in Partial Wave Analysis for the HallD Detector at Jefferson Lab Paul M. Eugenio et al. Leakage
05 Oct 2004
35-v4 Parity Relations in the Reflectivity Basis Paul M. Eugenio et al. Parity Relations
Angular Distributions
15 Jul 2004
170-v1 Memorandum of Understanding between the GlueX Collaboration, Jefferson Lab, and Florida State University Alex R. Dzierba et al. Communications
08 Jul 2004
145-v1 Upstream Photon Veto Paul M. Eugenio UPV
08 Jul 2004
109-v1 CLAS Simulations Grid & Portal Prototype Paul M. Eugenio Grid
08 Jul 2004
317-v1 Upstream Photon Veto Paul M. Eugenio UPV
11 Dec 2003
36-v1 A Study of photon sensitivity in the Hall D Detector at Jefferson Lab Paul M. Eugenio et al. Photon Sensitivity
26 Jul 2000
16-v1 A Study of Acceptance for the Stage 1 Hall D Detector Paul M. Eugenio Acceptance
18 May 1999
15-v1 A Study of Combined K-pi Separation Using Time of Flight Counters and a Gas Cherenkov Detector Paul M. Eugenio et al. Particle ID
06 May 1999
11-v1 GENR8: A General Monte Carlo Event Generator V 1.0 Paul M. Eugenio Event Generator
30 Oct 1998

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