April 27, 2022 Calorimeter

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Meeting Day/Time: every other WEDNESDAY at 11:00 a.m. JLab time

Connection instructions

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       Meeting ID: 160 855 2106
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  1. FCAL HDFCAL log book
  2. BCAL HDBCAL log book
  3. CCAL HDCCAL log book
  4. Calibrations: 2020 Data Production; RunPeriod-2019-11 Validation; Offline Monitoring Data Validation
  5. Photon Reconstruction Task Force
  6. BCAL calibration links, 2020, PrimEx, SRC

Goals for Calorimetry Group

  1. Determine preliminary photon reconstruction efficiencies as a function of E, phi and theta in data and simulation with a point-to-point precision of at least 5%.
  2. Measure systematics of pi0/eta mass calibration as a function of detector position to a precision of at least 5 MeV.
  3. Demonstrate agreement of photon reconstruction efficiency and resolution between data and simulation as a function of E, phi and theta to within 5%.

Action Items

  1. Short term CALWG Items
  2. Long term items
  3. Calorimeter work packages
  4. AI - BCAL Monitoring:
    1. Hydra Real-Time Dashboard
    2. Hydra 24-hr Monitoring Logs

Tentative Agenda

  1. Announcements
  2. Past Meeting Minutes
  3. Shutdown tasks
    1. Review Action Items
  4. Run Operations
    1. FCAL
    2. BCAL
    3. CCAL
  5. Calibration
  6. Monitoring
    1. BCAL (offline)
      1. Update-Batch 1/2 ver 6 (Tolga) [1]
    2. FCAL (offline) monitoring PrimEx_RunPeriod_2021_08_ver6_batch2
    3. CCAL (offline)
  7. Reconstruction
    1. Brief update: η' Resolution/SB study (Churamani)[2]
    2. Brief update: FCAL reconstruction efficiency (Rebecca) [3]
  8. Simulations
  9. Any other business


Attendees: Igal, Elton, Stjepan, Mark, Churamani, Sean, Varun, Tolga, Karthik, Malte, Rebecca, Matt, Jon, Susan, Eugene, Zisis

  1. Announcements: none.
  2. Past Meeting Minutes: all items in the past minutes will be addressed below.
  3. Shutdown tasks: see Run Operations.
    1. Review Action Items: no updates.
  4. Run Operations
    1. FCAL: Mark reported that the FCAL is on and data is being taken; about 10 bases need to be changed for ones with higher gain. Malte added that he and Rebecca are testing PMTs and have tested about 60 and have a stash of 15 really good ones, and some are stored in the counting house. Elton mentioned that the CPP documentation is being modified to account for the changes to the dark room. Mark suggested the idea to lower the average gain on all PMTs for PrimEx purposes, which would avoid making FADC changes. We will think more about this.
    2. BCAL: The detector is on and cosmics are being taken. 5 FADCs were replaced; and the ones pulled out are being looked at, but at present it is not clear why they did not work. Mark joined the AIWG and asked about using AI to monitor the BCAL threshold. Tools were developed for CDC, which was a more complex problem compared to the BCAL one. Mark had looked at pedestal drift early when he joined GlueX. Zisis mentioned that we should take LED monitoring runs in May or June. Mark suggested that Zisis contacts David Lawrence to slot in DAQ time.
    3. CCAL: no report
  5. Calibration: no report.
  6. Monitoring
    1. BCAL (offline): Tolga gave an update on Batch 1/2 ver 6. PrimEx Batch 1 is Be and Batch 2 is He. Some PS bleed is still visible. No major concerns, otherwise. Elton reminded us of the hadronic efficiency tools/scripts. He would like to pass those on to someone. Elton and Zisis will discuss this offline.
    2. FCAL (offline) Susan gave a monitoring update on PrimEx_RunPeriod_2021_08_ver6_batch2. Run list issues are being handled by Mariana. FDC chiller issue was visible. MT runs look mostly the same. Sean recommended that weird runs be thrown out.
    3. CCAL (offline): no report.
  7. Reconstruction
    1. Churamani gave an update on η' Resolution/SB study and looked at No. Of DNeutralShowers. Some of the results did not make sense to the group, and Churamani was asked to check variables, flags, etc. (Subsequently, a huge email exchange was done that helped straighten out some questions, and Churamani produced a new set of plots.)
    2. Rebecca gave a brief update on the FCAL reconstruction efficiency. A discrepancy in the reconstruction efficiency at small angles between MC and data is being investigated. She looked at block/hit level and timing in the photon showers. Rebecca re-smeared the MC with an energy-dependent timing correction rather than a fixed one, which improved things in some regions but not across the board (especially not for higher layers). Matt mentored that they worked with a pristine omega sample and asked about the random hits knob. Sean suggested that it could be turned off, or Richard can be contacted for details on how it works.
  8. Simulations: no report.
  9. Any other business: none.