Primer for shift takers

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Primer for Shift Takers

This document is an aid to fill the online version of the Check-list required in every shift at the Hall D Counting House. The entries can be found through different ways, one of those is presented here to provide an easy access to the information.
Additional information can be found under Shift Checklist.

How to use this guide

This guide follows the Shifters' Checklist structure and is separated in 5 columns:

  • Reference Number
  • Item: according to the Checklist.
  • Main Action Bar on EPICS: which indicates the Slow Control path to find the Item's current value.
  • Sample Figure: which show a general image of the screen and an specific one.
  • Information for Shift Takers: which shows the links to learn more about those systems.

Items of the Hall D Shift Check-list


Reference Number Item Main Action Bar on EPICS
Subsystem - Component
Sample Figure Information for Shift Takers
1. GlueX_Overview_annotated2 #1
HallD O status.png
Beam Energy (GeV) BEAM - JTABs
Beam Energy.png
Accelerator Screens
2. GlueX_Overview_annotated2 #2
e- Beam Current (uA)
Accelerator Screens
3. GlueX_Overview_annotated2 #3 Radiator (RL) BEAM - Motors
Amorphous Radiator.png
Amorphous Radiator
4. GlueX_Overview_annotated2 #4 Tagger current (A)/field(T) MAGNET - Tagger
Tagging Spectrometer Shift
5. GlueX_Overview_annotated2 #5 Solenoid current (A) MAGNETS - SOLENOID
Solenoid Screen Main.png
Solenoid Operations
6-7. SolenoidCryo_annotated2 #6-7

6a Temperature 'He Return'(K)
6b. Pressure 'Warm He Return' (Atm)
7. He Level 'DP LLH' (%)

Note: He level broken, use diff. press. gauge


Cryo System
SolenoidCryo annotated2.png
Solenoid Operations
8. GlueX_Overview_annotated2 #38 Target type TARGET - CryoTarget Operations
CryoTarget Operations.png
Cryogenic Target Shift
9. GlueX_Overview_annotated2 #9 Collimator aperture (mm) BEAM - Motors
10. All High Voltage ok? check box for, BCal, FCal, CDC, FDC, TOF, ST, PS, TagM, TagH Primer high voltages table
EPICS Main Menu / General / Status of Voltages
11. All Rates ok? check box for, BCal, FCal, PSC, PS, TAGH, TAGM, TOF EPICS Main Menu
Detector Subsystem Scalers
EPICS Main Menu /Detector Subsystem / Scalers
12. Rc_annotated2 #12 Live Time (%) Run Control rcGUI
DAQ LiveTime example.png
L1 Trigger Data Acquisition
13. Rc_annotated2 #13 Trigger rate (kHz) Run Control rcGUI
Trigger Rate.png
L1 Trigger Data Acquisition
14. Rcm Trigger file/DAQ config. RCM Run Configuration
DAQ config detail.png
L1 Trigger Data Acquisition
15. GlueX_Overview_annotated2 #15 Pair Spec. current (A) MAGNETS - Pair Spectrometer
PS Magnet.png
Pair Spectrometer
16. GlueX_Overview_annotated2 #16 16a. TPOL converter (um)
16b.Pair Spec. converter (RL)
BEAM - Motors
PS Converter.png
PS Convert
17. Hall D View from the east wall

Hall D view from the west wall
Solenoid rack view from the north wall
TAC camera in Hall D Goniometer camera in tagger hall

Gas system camera on upstream platform
Visual Halls Inspection GENERAL - Hall Cameras Cameras in the halls
18. DAQ screens up? Type RCM at command line
Daq xterms.png
19. GlueX_Overview_annotated2 EPICS summary screen up? GENERAL - GlueX Overview
GlueX Overview annotated2.png
Slow Controls Shift
20. From EPICS CSS Window->Open Perspective->Other->Alarm Alarm handlers up? Use gluon01 console machine
Alarm Handler
21. Hall D electronic logbook up? Hall D logbook Information for Shift Takers
22. MCC EPICS monitoring screen up? BEAM -> JMenu (new window)
JMenu -> Operations (new window)
Operations -> Wall Menu (new window)
Wall Menu -> Accel Status
Accel status.png
Accelerator Operations
23. GlueX_Overview_annotated2 #23 Beam position on (inner) Active Collimator ok?

BEAM / Active Collimator

AC is main position monitor

Check White Board

BEAM / Upstream Beam Profiler
Active Collimator
Beam Profilers
Beam position from Profilers
24. GlueX_Overview_annotated2 #24 BPM AD00 x,y position (tagger dump) GENERAL - General GlueX Overview
Read dump bpm.jpg
25. GlueX_Overview_annotated2 #25 Quadrupole MQPAD00 current (A) GENERAL - General GlueX Overview
Quad current.png
26. Event display ok? start_hdview2 or ~/HDvis/ Online_Monitoring Shift#Routine Operation
27. Online monitoring screens up? start_rootspy
20170126 rootspy.png
Online_Monitoring Shift#Routine Operation
28. Online monitoring histo ok? check box for BCal, FCal, CDC, FDC, TOF, ST, PS, TagM, TagH Online_Monitoring Shift#Routine Operation
29. Online monitoring plots in e-log? button on RootSpy GUI Online_Monitoring Shift#Routine Operation





Parking Lot Gas Bottles

Ar Gas supply Bank left(psi)

Ar Gas supply Bank right(psi)

CO2 Gas supply Bank left(psi)

CO2 Gas supply Bank right(psi)

GasPressures panel.png
CO2Pressures panel.png
Gas System Shift
34 - 35. Gas Shed Cam

Alcohol Bubbler top (bubbles/level?)

Alcohol Bubbler bottom (bubbles/level?)

GENERAL - Hall Cameras
Alcohol bubbler camera in the gas shed
Gas System Shift
36. Screen-shot of Epics Overview screen posted on HDlog? <Alt>-L or
Screenshot tool for ELOG
37. Check list printed and added to check-list binder? (Binder inside Hall D Counting House)
38. GlueX_Overview_annotated2 #38 Target Temp
Cell Top (high)
Cell Bottom (low)
TARGET - CryoTarget Operations
CryoTarget Operations.png
Cryogenic Target Shift
39. CryoTarget_Operations in/out/Vacuum Pressure Target Pressure
Supply H2 Pressure (in)
Return H2 Pressure (out)
OVC Vacuum (Vacuum Pressure)
TARGET - CryoTarget Operations
CryoTarget Operations.png
Cryogenic Target Shift

Primer high voltages table