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GlueX-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1852-v1 Hall D solenoid install movie Timothy Whitlatch Alignment
Design and Planning
23 Jan 2019
2442-v1 Hall D/GlueX Technical Design Report GlueX Collaboration Planning
Photon Beam
Rates, Trigger and DAQ
GlueX Physics
Superconducting Solenoid
General Theory
Partial Wave Analysis
Monte Carlo
Design Report
Detector Hardware
13 Dec 2016
2510-v1 Assembly of Hall D Solenoid Conductor Documents George H. Biallas Superconducting Solenoid
11 Jun 2014
2186-v2 B-field Mapping Parameters David Lawrence et al. Field
27 Mar 2013
2164-v1 Charged Track Reconstruction Simon Taylor Tracking
21 Feb 2013
2042-v1 Goals for the Solenoid Test Elliott Wolin Superconducting Solenoid
20 Aug 2012
1727-v2 Charged particle tracking for the gluex detector Simon Taylor FDC
01 May 2011
1728-v1 Tracking Issues Simon Taylor Tracking
28 Apr 2011
1674-v2 Tracking Issues David Lawrence et al. Tracking
01 Feb 2011
1576-v2 Speeding up tracking Simon Taylor Tracking
09 Sep 2010
1494-v2 Tracking Update David Lawrence et al. Tracking
10 May 2010
1400-v1 New Particle Class Structure Simon Taylor Particle ID
27 Jan 2010
1322-v2 M.C. Studies of GlueX Solenoidal Field I David Lawrence Particle Tracking
08 Oct 2009
1253-v2 Kalman Filter Simon Taylor Tracking
12 May 2009
1206-v3 Tracking Software Mark Ito et al. Tracking
30 Jan 2009
843-v4 Calculations of magnetic shield effectiveness for long mu-metal cylinders Elton Smith Photodetectors
24 Aug 2007
571-v1 Budget Justification for the CDC 3-Year R&D Effort Curtis A. Meyer Test Beam
Beam Test
12 Dec 2005
400-v1 Report of Interim Assessment of Solenoid for GlueX John Alcorn et al. Magnet
06 Dec 2004
346-v2 The GlueX Detector Review Mini-Design-Report GlueX Collaboration Hall D Project Review
12 Oct 2004
289-v1 Solenoid Report Paul Brindza Magnet
09 Sep 2004
132-v1 Hall D Cryostat: Heat load and Flow calculations Ravi Anumagalla Magnet
08 Jul 2004
66-v1 Leak Testing of Hall D Solenoid coils 3 and 4 Paul Brindza et al. Magnet
01 Oct 2003
42-v1 Magnetic Field Caluclations Gary Adams et al. Field
13 Oct 2000
28-v1 Magnetic Simulation of the Hall D Spectrometer Gary Adams et al. Field
05 Jun 2000
26-v1 Assessment of the MEGA/LASS Magnet at LANL Alex R. Dzierba Magnet
20 Mar 2000
18-v1 Hall D Fringe Field Gary Adams et al. Field
24 May 1999
5-v1 A Study of K1(1270)K Events Curtis A. Meyer Tracking
22 Sep 1998
4-v1 Curlup of Charged Particles in the Solenoidal Magnet Curtis A. Meyer Tracking
20 Jun 1998

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